Cheap Retro Jordans picking up all of the best players simply because they can and most others can’t.

Does Baseball Need a Salary Cap,Cheap Retro Jordans?

There are definitely bigger issues to ponder these days,chaussure air jordan, but with spring training only a few months away,cheap jordans online, it’s time to take another look at the process by which baseball allows some teams to use the system to get more powerful,air jordan pas cher, while other teams without the TV contracts and big market positions struggle.

I know the argument that these teams earned their positions and need to funnel the money that they make back into the team and into a superior product for their fans who expect playoffs if not championship every year,Jordans shoes.

These teams that inflate salaries by signing players to these contracts do pay a penalty in the form of the luxury tax,cheap jordans shoes, but for them it is just one more cost of doing business and is in no way an impediment,jordans shoes free shipping, merely a small financial nuisance.

For me the fan (Mets although this is not sour grapes),air jordan pas cher, some of the enjoyment of watching games goes away when some teams can in effect become all-star teams,Cheap Real Jordans, picking up all of the best players simply because they can and most others can’t.

Let’s level the playing field so that the job of GM and head of minor league development become relevant again,jordan pas cher, as opposed to what has become relevant today. The size of the owners checkbook. Drafting quality prospects and bringing them up through the system has for the most part become a lost art. Let’s bring it back.

Although the Mets did pick up a couple of good ones, let’s look into a salary cap!

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